Working at a startup helps graduates thrive

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As a fresh graduate, it may be daunting to choose which company you want to start off your full-time career with. While most of your peers may have interned at popular multinational companies and decide to build a career there, it may not be in your best interests to opt for an existing large corporation. There are new and exciting startups blossoming around you- and they pose exciting new challenges for fresh graduates.

The already established large companies have existing rules and structures that have been firmly in place for years (and sometimes even decades). This diminishes the possibility of a fresh graduate trying and experimenting with new work tactics- as he is bound to abide by the company’s rulebook. On the other hand, things are dynamic and changing every moment in startups, allowing you to try new things and explore your boundaries. Freshers enjoy relatively more freedom to exercise their creativity and overcome adversities.

Established companies have prior experience in dealing with roadblocks- and fresh graduates usually aren’t at the forefront of these issues. Startups have relatively more volatile and fluid environments compared to corporations. As startups are new in the business, every day is an adventure full of bumps along the road. This enables you to truly get a chance to keep learning and implementing your knowledge in real-time and gear yourself up for new challenges. You will always be in a state of motion, forcing you to break out of your comfort zone and do more extraordinary things.

An established company may pay you more and provide more security compared to a new startup. But startups offer something more significant- the potential of developing your soft assets. These assets are invaluable and vital, and their worth simply cannot be compared to any monetary value. A graduate with developed soft skills can later apply to larger companies for a higher salary, or perhaps try out for a sustainable career in the startup industry too.

In short, startups pose much more excellent benefits for fresh graduates than traditional companies. With the opportunity to learn and grow more, startups are the best platform to build a lifelong thriving career.

Co-Founder, Jatri